History of Champagne Bernard Hatte & Son

The prosperous family estate, continues to grow.

ADSC_0047As soon as 1952, After a long career as head winemaker at Roederer, Louis Hatte, vinegrower in Verzenay, Decides to produce and market, under his label, its own Champagne.
Previously, the product of the small family vineyard, like so many others, based in assemblages of large Champagne houses.

Owner of a few vines, he gradually extended his area until have a vineyard of 10 acres on the mountain of Reims and in the Ardre Valley.

ADSC_0050The Division of his assets among his three children will later give rise to different Champagnes Hatte.
Bernard Hatte, from 1954
, learns from his father the secrets of the trade. Enriching the incomparable know-how of the two men embarked on the path of excellence, the brand is quickly gaining notoriety.




It is in 1986, at the age of 25 years, that Christophe Hatte, assisted by his mother Christiane and his wife Ginger, finds himself at the head of the exploitation of her suddenly missing father.

Christianne Hatté Christophe et Carolle Hatté








Two years of study at the Lycée Viticole of Avize, He began learning the trade, supported experiments of his entourage.
Soon, He reveals in turn are innate talent for the development of the prestigious wine marketed under the brand name “Champagne Bernard Hatte & Son”.

Alexandra Amandine Hatté


It is today to the latest generation, represented by Alexandra and Amandine
Whereas it is to perpetuate and advance the family tradition.

In passionate, no doubt that you'll continue to enjoy our vintages in future years.